Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A simple pie.

I had some extra puff pastry in the fridge and my mom was like telling me to get rid of it.
and so with some beef in the fridge as well....why not make a pie eh?
Ingredients were quite limited as we didn't have much at that time, so I had to kept it simple.
I started with chopping some carrots and potatoes for boiling. At the same time, prepared some chicken stock with a chicken breast and gizzards. Chop some onions to add. And poof a last minute stock! XD
I recommend you use beef stock though, but I didn't have the bones.
Generally it was all really really random.
Just basically popped everything that was generally what was needed to make a stew. But it worked k!

What I did.
-Saute the onions and garlic with butter and olive oil.
-Add in the beef and a few sprinkle of herbs (rosemary is a must!)
-slowly incorporate the chicken stock
-occasionally season it with pepper
-And finally a few tablespoons of good mushroom spaghetti sauce and some cut tomatoes
-if you have cream, it would be great to thicken the sauce with it

And cover the top with the puff, bake it for 15 minutes or so. and I guess that was about it. I made a small cafe inspired one and another big plate pie for the whole family. Lunch was served!

And truthfully, it was pretty good. A bit like the one in Dome cafe. Their beef stew had some tomato base elements as well....just like this one. I kinda like to incorporate some tomatoes to might sound weird, but they do have great flavour. Overall it was just a nice simple beef pie. Simple and delicious! =)

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