Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lamb shanks. The simple turtorial.

Amy suggested that I put recipes and turtorials so that people can try instead of comment on
Lamb Shanks.
Chicken Stock
red wine (optional)
Cut the veggies ( I love slicing! haha)

Season the lamb shanks with herbs, salt and pepper. (lots of it! XD)
Carameliaze the onions and garlic
then transfer the onions with the chicken stock in a separate pot. and brown the lamb shanks with butter and olive oil.

Transfer the browned lamb shanks into the chicken stock pot. The pot with the onions.

After about 2 hours, the meat should be off the bone and beautiful!

You can add some oxtail soup or tomato paste for added flavour. But I didn't had much time so was simple stew for my family tonight. haha....

the finish product couldnt be taken because we ate it all just try it yourself. SUPER EASY.
But last time I added oxtail soup into the stock...and it turned out like this.


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