Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Prawns with vinegar sauce.

A sweet and hot prawn dish with many chinese cooking flavours..
what u would need...

Dried chillies. Garlic and ginger
-2 tsp oyster sauce
-2 tbsp siao xing jiu
-1 tbsp bak yau
-quarter block butter
-3 tsp condense milk
-spring onion
-3 tbsp vinegar

I kinda played along with many ingredients and yes this is an original recipe.
Butter the ginger and garlic

until its almost cook.
Add more butter and condense milk. this is to give its sweetness and crispyness. (Im not jk)
The prawns have been added with the dried chillies pepper, light soy sauce (bak yau), the chinese wine, and then just give it a few tosses and finally the spring onion.
Dish onto a plate.
its actually quite it yourself. I havent did the option yet but judging by the taste. Frying some chicken fillet with this recipe would taste lovely as well.

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