Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Carrot cakes.
Carrot cake or Passion Cake, is a cake which consists of grated carrot mixed with batter. The carrot softens in the cooking process, and the cake usually has a soft, dense texture. The carrots themselves enhance the flavour and texture. I do enjoy them with walnuts or pecans, there's just something about the nuts that make it really nice! =)
You can add raisins too. They provide sweetness to the cake.
One thing I like about carrot cakes is that they have this whole fruity taste going on...with that cream cheese icing on top....its something that we all would want to eat once in awhile.
Cream cheese is expensive in Malaysia though. That's the only finacial burden part. Oh and walnuts are costly as well.
But once in awhile its nice to bake them. You get that wonderful feelinng you know, how some kind of butter cake gets all brown and has this toasted look along with the colourful things inside. Yeah...its fun!

I find toasting the pecans and walnuts before chopping them useful and don't grate the carrot to thinly, for better flavour.
50 minutes in the oven works best.
Bake it in the oven, slop that chilled cream cheese icing on top in anyway you like and poof...a nice slice of carrot cake awaits!

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