Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jenny's Seafood Carbonara

Quite arguably the best dish of the night and one of my finer dishes.

Spagetti Carbonara with Seafood.

During Christmas, I was in KL with my family and my aunt always had a her annual Christmas Luncheon with the relatives over. She asked for a carb dish and dessert. So hence, I baked a Bailey's Irish Cream Cheesecake (she had Baileys in her fridge which she hardly drank) and for the carbo, I've always prepared tomato based pasta for my family, and although tomato base pasta is my favourite way to have pasta. I was watching Masterchef the other day, (currently my fave show) and was intrigued at the carbonara they made, making the sauce from scratch.

Of course, the italians like the carbonara purely just the egg yolk, pecorino cheese and parmesan cheese. But adding cream to the sauce brings in much better texture and creaminess.

All in all, making the sauce like that, is so much better than that cheat mushroom soup gunk, cheap restaurants here serve. I wanted to try to make carbonara from stratch. And I did.

The carbonara was good but was really under-season (not salty, not much taste) and the eggs were scrambled due to me rushing to cook it cause the guest had arrived earlier than expected.

Well fast forward a few days later, I came back wiser and more determined to master this bad boy.
And master it I did.

Instead of bacon, I opt for a seafood variety because seafood sauteed, gives out so much awesome juices and flavours that complement pasta so much.

My dad brought home a kilo of clams, some squid and prawns and we were ready to cook out a storm.

My seafood carbonara is essentially....

500g of spagetti boiled to Adante.
250g of cream + 4-5 egg yolks mixed together. (this is the creamy sauce)

Firstly sauteed the seafood with generous heaping of onions and garlic, season with salt and pepper, fish sauce, vinegar and white wine.

throw in parsley and spring onion if so desire. And then add in the creamy sauce.

Bring to a boil to the seafood creamy mix before throwing in the pasta. Throw in some herbs or rocket leaves if so desire.

Last but most important, generous!! heap of parmesan cheese all over the pasta. Rmb the cream sauce is not salty, so the cheese is crucial to give taste and flavour to the pasta. Otherwise you'll get tasteless pasta.

And thats it!! Pretty fast and easy too. And I gurantee you, absolutely delicious! If I was served this seafood carbonara at any restaurant, believe it, I would be a happy camper. Definitely one for keeps in my future restaurant. :)

Cheesy, creamy, pack with seafood flavour and freshness from rocket and parsley. Yums

Seafood Carbonara, Roast Chicken and Apple Pie, Can't believe I made all that in the same day!
Happy 2014 guys.

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